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Oklahoma Inmate Search

An Oklahoma inmate search allows the public to search and look for inmates currently or previously incarcerated in jails or prisons in the state. Since inmate records are public under the Oklahoma Open Records Act, requesters can access inmates' personal information, including the details of their offense, their DOC number, and the location of the correctional facility where they are currently incarcerated. 


What Are Oklahoma Inmate Records?

Oklahoma inmate records refer to inmate information of incarcerated individuals in the state. While local law enforcement agencies create the initial inmate records, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections maintains and stores every record in their database. 


What Are Oklahoma Prison and Jail Records?

Oklahoma has a total of 93 jails and 24 state prisons across its 77 counties. With such a number, an Oklahoma inmate search makes it easier for friends and family to locate a loved one who may be incarcerated in any one of these facilities. 

State prisons are also classified by level of security. The only facility with a maximum security level is the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Eight state prisons fall under the medium security level, seven are classified as minimum security level, and five corrections centers are at a community level.


How To Perform Inmate Search in Oklahoma?

Anyone interested can perform an Oklahoma inmate search using the DOC’s basic offender search online using the following information:

  • Oklahoma DOC number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth

The public may also include an alias during the search or include similar sounding names if they are unsure. Third-party sites with inmate information are also available, although the data may vary from website to website. Inmate searches via phone is also available at the Offender Records Department using the numbers 405-425-2628 or 405-425-2707.


How To Contact an Inmate in Oklahoma

Interested parties can contact inmates in Oklahoma via mail or by phone. 

All mails sent to inmates must include their name, DOC number, and facility address. These details are all available when performing an Oklahoma inmate search. Note that all incoming and outgoing mails are subject to inspection following the state prison’s guidelines. 

For phone calls, an inmate must wait for his or her own Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be able to receive calls. Take note that phone calls are limited to a certain number depending on the level of security. 

  • Level I (maximum security) - legal or clergy only
  • Level II (medium security) – maximum of four numbers only
  • Level III (minimum security) – maximum of eight numbers only
  • Level IV (correction centers) – maximum of ten numbers only

Inmates can change their authorized phone number list after 120 days to entertain more calls just in case. Friends and family members can also set up a prepaid account via GTL or by calling 1-877-650-4249 to set up an account. 


How To Visit an Inmate in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma DOC follows strict visitation guidelines for its inmates. Every visitor must be on the approved visitors’ list with a maximum of 20 approved visitors, who are usually immediate family members, and only five (5) visitors can visit at the same time. 

Note that visiting hours also vary depending on the security level of the facility where an inmate is currently incarcerated. 

  • Maximum security - four hours per week
  • Medium security - six hours per week
  • Minimum security - eight hours per week
  • Community correction center - eight hours per week


How To Send Money to an Inmate in Oklahoma

Friends and family can send money to an inmate in Oklahoma using JPay. While inmates can only spend a maximum of $80 per week in the canteen, they can receive any amount of money in their account. However, JPay may charge a corresponding fee depending on the amount an inmate will receive.

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