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Oklahoma Court Records

Oklahoma court records are legal files involving appeals, civil cases, criminal records, taxes, and other similar records maintained by the state’s varying courts. The Oklahoma Open Records Act gives the public the right to access, review, and copy court documents. However, some records, like ones involving juveniles or those deemed confidential, are not open for public inspection. 


Which Oklahoma Courts Maintain Publicly Accessible Records?

The state court system determines which Oklahoma court records are accessible by the public, like the following.

Supreme Court

This is considered the highest court in the state and holds exclusive hearings for death penalty cases. The Supreme Court also hears appeals by right for administrative agencies, writ, civil cases, and interlocutory appeals. 

Court of Criminal Appeals 

This type of court handles exclusive hearings for interlocutory appeals by right for criminal cases in a limited capacity, including writ and juvenile cases. 

Court of Civil Appeals

This type of court hears interlocutory appeals and appeals by right and writ applications proceedings. 

District Court

The district court hears jury trials involving traffic and ordinance violations, small claims of up to $6,000, juvenile cases, and domestic relations. 

Municipal Court

This type of court also hears jury trials, mostly traffic and municipal violations.

Court of Tax Review

This type of court does not hear jury trials, but they hear appeals from administrative agencies. 


What are the Common Public Court Records in Oklahoma?

Below are the most common Oklahoma court records available to the public:

Small claims records

This type of court record refer to legal actions where one party asked for compensations of not more than $10,000 for damaged property, breach of contract, or to recover a private property. Small claims also involve eviction cases. 

Civil court records

Civil cases involve money disputes which are over $10,000. Compared to small claims cases, civil cases take more time and come with a higher court fees. 


Appeals are petitions to the higher or appellate courts to review a lower court’s decision. The three appellate courts in Oklahoma include the Court of Civil Appeals, the Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Supreme Court. Depending on the type of appeal, the appealing party has 30 days to challenge a lower court’s judgement and file an appeal. Usually, the Supreme Court decides and assigns the case to the respective appellate court that should handle the case. 

Bankruptcy records

This type of record helps inform the public of individuals and companies who filed for bankruptcy in the state, including information on writs, foreclosures, and judgments. 

Judgment Records

This type of Oklahoma court records contain information on a court’s final ruling on the matter filed within its jurisdiction. Judgment records usually contain information on legal rights, 


For those interested to look up Oklahoma court records, the state uses the Public Access to Electronic Records (PACER) system, where anyone can perform searches by the specific court, the national index, and also get access to court opinions. The portal also includes a limited case information access via phone for bankruptcy records. 

Another option is to look up cases using the Oklahoma State Courts Network. Records are also accessible in person from the court where the cases are filed or through third-party sites that offer court record information.

Counties in Oklahoma

Courts in Oklahoma

Oklahoma County Courthouse320 Robert S. Kerr Avenue, OKC, OK
Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals2100 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 2, Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma Supreme Court2100 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 4, Oklahoma City, OK
Tulsa County Courthouse500 S. Denver Ave, Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals440 S Houston Ave #601, Tulsa, OK
Cleveland County Courthouse200 S. Peters Ave., Norman, OK
Comanche County Courthouse315 S.W. 5th Street, Lawton, OK
Canadian County Courthouse301 N. Choctaw Street, El Reno, OK
Rogers County Courthouse200 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd., Claremore, OK
Payne County Courthouse606 S. Husband Street Suite 206, Stillwater, OK